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Dothan Fire Department Mission

To provide for the protection and safety of our citizens by preparing and promoting fire prevention and education and preserving life, property, and the environment through fire suppression, emergency medical service, and hazardous materials mitigation, while recognizing that our people are the key to our success.

The Dothan Fire Department is a comprehensive fire and emergency services agency that strongly believes in community involvement.  Currently there are 8 fire stations located throughout the City of Dothan.  Soon there will be a fire station located in each Commission District.  Our value to the community is measured by the services we can provide.  Every day our firefighters and paramedics strive to provide the best emergency, non-emergency and medical services possible to the citizens and visitors of Dothan.

Since organized in 1903, the Dothan Fire Department has evolved from an organization focused only on fire fighting, to one that includes critical services such as emergency medical services, building inspections, fire code enforcement, technical rescues, hazardous materials responses, and public education.  September 11, 2001 redefined our mission as it relates to homeland security and the methods utilized to manage a full service fire department.  These events also dramatically changed how we mange our critical infrastructure on a daily basis. 

The Insurance Services Office (ISO), awarded the City of Dothan a Class 1 rating effective April 1, 2018.  This ranks the Dothan Fire Department among the top 1% of fire departments nationwide and one (1) of only ten (10) in Alabama.  We continuously strive to maintain our ISO 1 Classification Rating which allows us to provide financial savings to our citizens while maintaining resources to meet the challenges of a dynamic service delivery system. 


The Dothan Fire Department provides the following services to the citizens of Dothan:

  • Fire suppression and emergency medical services
  • Fire code enforcement
  • Fire investigations
  • Fire reports
  • Fire permits
  • Plan review for new construction
  • Fire safety inspections of commercial buildings, to include weekend and night inspections of nightclubs and restaurants
  • Fire evacuation planning for assembly occupancies
  • All risk education for citizens, businesses, schools, and civic groups
  • Health and safety fairs
  • Fire station tours
  • Smoke detector installation program
  • Free blood pressure screening
  • CPR training
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Tactical rescue (dive, trench, high angle)
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