Recruit School PT
Class 2024-1

The Dothan Training Division at the Wiregrass Public Safety Center 

Step into the beating heart of firefighter training excellence in Dothan, Alabama, and you’ll find yourself at the Wiregrass Public Safety Center, home to the Dothan Training Division. Here, amidst the buzz of activity and the clatter of gear, firefighters are molded into the brave and skilled guardians of their community.  Within the walls of the Wiregrass Public Safety Center, the Dothan Training Division serves as a nexus of expertise, where experience meets innovation. Drawing from the collective wisdom of seasoned veterans and the latest advancements in firefighting technology, this department stands as a bastion of preparedness.

Cutting-Edge Facilities: 

At the heart of the Wiregrass Public Safety Center lies a suite of state-of-the-art training facilities designed to replicate the challenges faced by firefighters and Medics in the field. From high-fidelity simulation rooms to sprawling outdoor training grounds, every aspect is meticulously crafted to provide a realistic and immersive learning environment.

Dedicated Instructors: 

Driving the success of the Dothan Training Division are its dedicated instructors — individuals who embody the spirit of service and sacrifice. With a blend of passion, experience, and unwavering commitment, they guide aspiring firefighters EMTs and Paramedics through rigorous training regimens, instilling in them the skills and mindset necessary for success.

Community Collaboration: 

Beyond its role in training firefighters, the Dothan Training Division actively collaborates with the community to promote fire safety and preparedness. Through outreach programs, educational initiatives, and collaborative exercises, they foster a culture of resilience and cooperation, empowering citizens to play an active role in their own safety.

Dothan Recruit School: 

In the dynamic crucible of the Wiregrass Public Safety Center, the Dothan Training Division continues to forge the next generation of heroes in the Dothan Recruit School, ensuring that when the call comes, the firefighters of Dothan stand ready to answer, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and determination to keep their community safe.

A Legacy of Service: As part of the Wiregrass Public Safety Center, the Dothan Training Division carries forward a proud legacy of service and dedication. Every firefighter who passes through its doors inherits not just the skills necessary to excel in their profession but also the values of integrity, courage, and selflessness that define the firefighting ethos.