Fire Prevention

Prevention Division through the Community Risk Reduction Program

The Fire Prevention Division is the inspection, fire investigation, education and enforcement division of the Dothan Fire Department providing life safety services through code enforcement and inspections during the new business development process, new business construction process, general fire inspections, special use permitting, complaint investigation and origin and cause fire investigation at no cost to our citizens.

            All Fire Prevention Division members are Alabama State Certified Life Safety Inspectors and Fire Investigators. We follow the adopted 2015 International Fire Codes, 2015 International Building Codes and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes to ensure citizens are safe and to promote a safer Dothan.

Fire prevention is the key to saving lives and property. Fire prevention education is the first step in the Fire Department’s commitment to protecting the lives and property of our citizens, guests, and neighboring communities. Our members regularly deliver life safety messages to all targeted age groups by assisting our Life Safety Educator. Our Community Risk Reduction program provides safety tips for outdoor grilling, indoor cooking, smoke alarm installations, stovetop firestops, safety escape plans, and trip & fall hazards.

The Dothan Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division is committed to providing you the most comprehensive information and assistance possible. We will be happy to assist you with home or business life safety education on request.

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