Special Operations

Our uniformed fire personnel are not only directly involved in daily fire prevention, firefighting, emergency medical care but some members are specialty trained in technical rescue and hazardous materials mitigation specialist.

The Dothan Fire Department is part of the Alabama Mutual Aid System (AMAS). The DFD Hazardous Materials (HazMat), Technical Rescue, and Water Rescue Team are assigned to Division B of the state.  Division B consists of 10 counties across the southeastern portion of Alabama from the Georgia state line to Covington County to the west and the Florida state line to Pike County to the north.  The team’s unit number is designated as HazMat 8, Rescue 8 and Water 8. The 52 AMAS teams are organized to ensure that trained and ready individuals are placed throughout the state to assist cities and counties to effectively and efficiently exchange and employ services and resources in response to a major disaster where assistance may be provided from one area or region of the state to another. The AMAS System is based on the sharing of commonly needed resources across governmental, disciplinary, and geographical boundaries. The sharing of resources across different divisions ensures the availability of those resources throughout the state; and reduces the need for duplication of funding, time, and effort needed to establish and maintain those resources.

The Special Operations units are housed at Stations 2, 6, and 9.  The two primary response vehicles, HazMat 2 & Rescue 4, are pictured here, both stationed at Station 2 and are supported by various other vehicles, trailers and equipment. 

Technical Rescue


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