Dothan’s Grand Opening of new cities Emergency Operations Center

On Thursday, March 11th, the City of Dothan opened the doors of the new Emergency Operations Center. The new City EOC is located on the grounds of the Dothan Utilities complex behind Lakewood Fire Station. During any event that affects the City of Dothan, this location will allow for separate departments from within the city to work together in one building while managing their own resources. This newly constructed building was built to withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour so that these operations could continue even through the thick of the storm.

This location also has a dual roll. It is now staffed daily as the Dothan Utilities Operation Center. From here they are able to take trouble calls, such as power outages, and dispatch utility workers to the needed locations. In the event of an emergency, they are able to quickly upscale their operations.

Farley Fire Training at Wiregrass Public Safety Center

The members of Farley’s Fire Brigade have spent many hours training at the new Wiregrass Public Safety Center this year. Wednesday, members of the Dothan Fire Department’s Training Division assisted with live fire training. With this new facility we are able to run many types of real life scenarios firefighters may be faced with in a more controlled environment.

DFD Facebook Post

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